If you’re moving to London, then you’ll want to get settled as fast as possible which is only possible if you’re prepared to embrace change and a different way of life from the get go. While many Americans moving to London think that the two countries are similar because they speak the same language, they will be amazed at how culturally different London is from any city in America. The same is true for people moving to London from any English speaking nation – just because the language is similar, doesn’t mean that life is the same!

Five TOP Tips For Moving To London

  • Make sure your papers are in order before you leave. Get all of the documentation and visas that you will need before you go. As a foreigner, you will have to have a visa to live and work in London. If you’re moving to London for work through an international company then you’ll have no problem, but if you’re moving to London and will try and find work while you’re there, you’ll have to make sure all of your paperwork is up to date before you cross the pond.


House hunting in London

  • Choose your new London apartment carefully. Prices are exorbitant in some areas of London. It might be an idea to rent a London flat that is not is an area traditionally frequented by expats. Plan ahead, do some research on your property needs, lifestyle requirements and set your budget carefully.


  • Use the public transport. You’ll have figure out the London transport system as soon as you get to London. It’s easy, efficient and cheap, but best experienced when you’re there.


  • Register with a doctor as soon as you stat living in London. No one wants to be stuck without a doctor when you’re feeling ill. Register with your local surgery and apply for the NHS as soon as you arrive. The health services in London are superb and you are covered for all types of hospital treatment if you’re registered with the health services.


  • Get a bank account. Exchange rates will cripple you if you keep using your cash cards from home. As soon as you have a job and a place to stay you need to open a bank account with an English bank. Take all of your paperwork from home including verifiable identification, like a passport and you’ll have your bank account in no time.


Moving to London is not easy by any means, but with some planning, preparation and a good idea of where you want to live, you can make a huge success of your move. If you’d like any advice on moving to London, give us a call and speak to Devon. Whether you use our services or not, we’d love to help you out with some good advice and point you in the right direction.

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