Trying to find property in London is not for the faint hearted. This guide is not just for expats or people moving to London from abroad, we’ve had great feedback from people IN London looking for a new home, and starting out on the (sometimes) dreaded search for London properties.

We always talk about how easy it is to find a property in London with us (we guarantee placement) and how important the Needs Assessment is, but here is the breakdown and detail of what exactly a Needs Assessment is and how your property Viewing Day should work:

Even if you’re not using our services, you should make a note of how important these factors are and make sure your estate agent will cover them all:

What London Relocation Ltd will do for you:

1. Needs Assessment.

As much information about your move and your requirments as possible – even if you don’t know London. Make sure you discuss


these with your agent or relocation service

•             Type of property

•             Area and commute

•             Lifestyle

•             Budget

•             Moving date

•             Viewing date – We work on weekends to accommodate busy professionals, so ask ahead and make sure your estate agent or lettings agent knows that you have specific restrictions on your time.

•             References/documents you’ll need on-hand – LR gives you a complete list AND we have a pre-referencing service if you choose, which means you’re basically walking into the lease negotiation with everything a potential landlord wants.

2. Viewing Day ONLY with London Relocation


We Will:

•             Spoil you for the entire day (our specialty)

•             Show you 18 to 25 properties meeting your requirements

•             Help you rank your favorite properties by day’s end

•             Negotiate rent and lease terms on your behalf

•             Pay any fees the representing agency might charge on lease-signing

3. Move in!


Once you’ve signed a lease, we’ll:

•             Ensure you can move in as soon as one to three days (or as far out as four to six weeks) – whatever you need!

•             Help open a UK bank account

•             Provide utility service provider referrals

•             Stay in constant contact to make sure you are having a great time in your new location as you settle in.

If only all things in life could be so easy…

Of course, with our new guided search services, we truly are London’s ONLY MLS and offer benefits that we think are pretty great – so do our happy clients!



A snap shot of the way it works in the UK:

•             Letting Agencies or Estate Agents (Real-Estate companies) are private and each branch is limited to showing properties in their own area, but each agency has completely different properties on their books.

What does that mean?

•             YOU CANNOT go to ONE agency and see all options in one area as there is NO real MLS (Multiple Listing System) in the UK. I really cannot stress enough how tough this is on expats trying to find property in London.

How does it work normally then?

•             Estate and Letting Agencies are employed by landlords to market their properties; each agency will only have a limited amount of available properties at any one time. So if they don’t have something that matches requirements then they simply cannot help you.

Sounds frustrating, ok, what else should I know?

•             Agents are paid by the landlord, and take a percentage of the rental amount. The more you pay, the more they get paid.

•             Each Estate agency is built on the business of getting tenants for landlords, Not homes for their clients. Our business is all about you.



•             You are our focus at every point in the process; London Relocation works SOLELY FOR YOU.

A Neutral Standpoint

•             London Relocation get no fees or monies from any agency we work with, meaning that we can ensure that you are seeing a REAL snapshot of the London property market without any preference or bias.

Personality and Dedication

•             You are someone who we get to know and we genuinely care for. Not a faceless tenant as is so often the case elsewhere. That’s why we complete a full needs assessment as the first part of our service to you – so we can understand YOUR NEEDS as much as possible. To find property in London that suits YOU and your lifestyle is the ONLY goal.

Giving you comparisons

•             We do all the leg work. We see 18-25 properties, provided through many different agents, each one has been selected based on your needs.

Getting a good deal

•             We EXHAUST all options to ensure we to find you the best home we can.

Powers of Negotiation

•             We ensure you get the best possible deal, and we YOU with your best interests in mind

•             For individuals to Families and Professionals, Our Service is the best and least stressful way to secure a great property in London.

And remember the thing about “guaranteed placement”? Put us to the test –

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