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London Relocation – Proud of Our Team!

As you do your research on London Relocation (and perhaps whether you think one is necessary for your international move or not), whatever Google search or referral that has brought you right here, right now has most assuredly led you to just the right place. 🙂 Pardon...

Relocation to London – Our New Website Launches SOON!

If you’re moving to London, I’ve been mentioning for a while now that the London Relocation agency is redesigning its website. Well, it seems the looong wait might at last be coming to an end, and we can’t wait to share the results with you (heck, I can’t wait to see them myself!).

The NEW London Relocation website is tentatively scheduled to launch this Monday, 5 December.

We reeeaallly hope you like it. The aim is to provide a more user-friendly resource that comprehensively covers what London Relocation’s services are all about and who our team of expatriates really is. There’s no shyster standing behind the curtain boasting to be the Great and Powerful Oz. We put ourselves right out there for you to get to know, and it’s no facade that London Relocation is indeed the great and powerful wizard of London lettings… [read more]

Relocation to London – How London Relocation Meets Your Needs

In my last series of posts about moving to London with a trailing spouse or partner, I structured the challenges of an international relocation around one’s hierarchy of need, as theorized by Maslow. I’d kept this explanation in terms of the accompanying spouse, who is arguably most sensitive to the changes, but, really, this can apply to anyone making the London move. I figure before I move on to blog about other London topics, I’ll give one more nod to Maslow’s pyramid of needs so that you can see how London Relocation’s services specifically will satisfy your essential needs as a future London expat.

Relocation UK – Bridging The Cultural Divide

Planning your relocation to London is about being organized and efficient and one of the best ways to make sure that your international relocation goes smoothly is to use a London relocation services company to handle your move. The great thing about using London relocation agents is that they are there on the ground doing what needs to be done before you arrive. Essentially all you have to do is turn up!

Living in London – If You Can’t Have an Apple a Day…

Moving to London is an undeniably exciting undertaking. Whether you’re going by yourself or with a loved one or loved ones, it means experiencing and adapting to a new home, learning about a new culture, meeting new people and making new friends. But as appealing and as fun and it is, it also means that you’ll be taking many of the concerns that you had in your former country and bringing them here to your new homeland. An unavoidable concern no matter where you go or who you are is the state of your health and that of those closest to you.