This week sees the start of our new blog series on a student moving to London. From undergrad or freshman students to post-grad, MBA or doctoral candidates – the biggest aspect affecting your move to the city will be to secure decent, safe and affordable accommodation.

Unfortunately, (sometimes fortunately as you’ll learn when it comes to council rebates and taxes) the rental market tends to lump all students into one big catchall. You’ll be treated the same if you’re an eighteen-year-old just starting college or if you’re an MBA student with a decade of work experience under your belt.

Freshman Year in London – Starting Your Studies in London

Every year, thousands of foreign students start living in London to begin their studies at university. There are a number of excellent universities in the city and if you’ve been seconded to London for work and have children of college-going age, then attending a university in the UK can be an enriching and fulfilling start to tertiary education. There are several requirements for attending university in England, and you will be able to apply at several universities even before you leave home.

You usually have to have A-levels to get into a university in England, but with a great grade point average, you will be able to apply at some of the finest universities in the world, situated right here! One of the advantages to attending university while living in London has got to be the cost. Even with the exchange rate, and the extra charges that are levied on foreign students, the cost of attending a world-class university is much less than in America and Canada.

Cost of Studying in London

In the 2013 College Board report: Trends in College Pricing, the full cost of tuition and housing in the USA ranges from around £19,800 to £25,300. Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Princeton are upward of £40,000… Per year, that is.

In the UK, by stark comparison, the cost of attending a top university is around £9,000 and that’s the absolute top end of the market. Much tertiary education is subsidized and many uni’s offer additional financial aid and scholarships to help ease the financial burden.

Where To Study in London?

Some of the most famous colleges in the world are right in the center of London: The London School of Economics, Kings College and the University College, London are among the finest tertiary institutions in the world. The Medical teaching hospital of Barts is one of the most recognized teaching hospitals in the world.

A Word on the Study of Law in London

It is only if you are intending on practicing law in your country of origin that you should study in that country, however, your pre-law studies can be done at any university in the world and can even enhance your opportunity of being accepted at a prestigious law school back at home.

There are over 100 000 students living in London and studying at any one time. By studying in London you are giving yourself the added advantage of learning about cultures from all over the world, you get to live in the most diverse city on the planet and you will gain a network of friends and colleagues that will last you throughout your life.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the extra things you’ll need to be able to rent a flat in London if you’re a student and how post-graduate students often find that moving to London means a step back when it comes to London rental properties.

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