In our third piece in the series of how to prepare your kids for relocation to London we explore ways that you might accomplish what is important to take care of properly before you leave for your international relocation with your family. First and foremost let’s address what you need to do before you move as an American moving to London.  There’s no doubt that children pre-teen age and up have a set life and a strong group of attachments that they have established there at home in the states.  That is junior high school age and particularly with high school students, who are more independent, have things that are just their own.  Their groups and their relationships are separate from that of yours as their family and parents and that difference needs to be recognized by you and formally acknowledged. Most families have get- togethers with relatives and loved ones as the relocation to London date approaches.  Certainly you want your children involved in these family affairs and gatherings.  But is it the appropriate place for them to have to say goodbye to all the close friends and relationships that only they are a part of?  Experts say no, that children and teens especially should be acknowledged by their parents as having separate lives that qualify to have their own type of gatherings.

Apparently the more chances they have to meet and share farewells with their friends the better. So instead of having just one family farewell event for all to attend, encourage them to have farewell gatherings of their own.  Include your kids on the family type events but let them have time with just their friends as well.  They don’t need to be particularly fancy nor expensive, it’s simply the act of recognizing that their friends are separate from the families and they also deserve the chance to share time with those friends prior to their relocation to London. Another good idea is to make sure that they have their own skype accounts, and that their friends are set up to chat on skype as well.  Headsets are under $40 and the call quality is very good.  Skype’s latest feature even lets people forward their skype calls to their cell phones, so they can still get calls whenever they would normally.  Now you can fund international calls from Great Brittan to America fairly inexpensively.  Then whenever you have a chance to reward your teens for something they did for you you can give them a $10 Skype credit,  that will go a long way towards some needed connections they will want to maintain after their relocation to London, living in London can get expensive, saving where you can to keep your children still in touch with some friends is a cost worth bearing.

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