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December Diary – Mat Paramor

Monday the 9th of December.

Another busy week started with my client Daniel.  He flew to London in advance of his family to find a new home.  With them arriving next Wednesday we needed to make today count!

This property search had several moving parts.  His two children needed to get places in the local private schools,  in different areas of Wimbledon with relatively small catchment areas and Daniel had never been to the area before.  While finding schools is definitely a priority for many of our clients, I had to find Daniel a home – 17 viewings in one day!

I met Daniel at his hotel in Notting Hill at 9am and started the drive down to South West London.  It is always nice to meet our clients face to face for the first time and as we are both Australian there was no shortage of things to talk about.

The day could have not have started better. We walked into a great 3 and a bit bedroom home that fell into the preferred schools catchment area and was under our maximum budget.  Great way to get the day going!

We spent the next several hours going through the different areas of Wimbledon seeing some amazing rental properties and some that had a bit to be desired (Estate agents in London have amazing photographers for their websites!).   We kept discussing where our top options were, why they sit where they do in order of Daniel’s preference and what we were thinking about the local area.

As it was Daniel’s first time in the area we spent a good amount of time that afternoon showing him around the local area.  While the property is an important aspect of our service, educating our clients on the local area and local amenities  is high up on our list.

After we finished our first round of property viewings we sat down to compile our short list and organised our second viewings.  It is very important to get back into the top 2 or 3 options to make sure they are clear in our clients mind.  The property viewing days can be pretty intense and refreshing ourselves on the top options helps massively.

It turned out that the first property we went into is the property we went for! Let the negotiations begin Our offer went in late on Monday.  As the move in date was not ideal for either the landlord or Daniel, it took a little longer than normal to come to terms but we got there. Rental property negotiation in London can be somewhat long-winded and often quite complicated. It’s always wise to have a mediator or negotiator on your team before you commit to anything in writing.

Out again on Thursday with another client and We’re in the process of setting up 23 viewings for just one client in a single day – 100% of our clients are placed in a single day – so expect more news soon!



Mat Paramor has spent his whole life moving from place to place in an army family, which brought about his passion for travelling and experiencing new cities.

“We guarantee one day placement for clients and take our promise very seriously. Many of our clients have time restraints and need to find the right home in the right area as fast as possible. Our guaranteed placement mission is one of our founding strengths and an important value for everyone in the LR team.”

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