Before you get London flat with your family, it would be best to search for your child’s new school first. The place where they are taught determines not only their future, but how they socialize when living in the city. It is important for your child to meet friends and avoid mixing with the wrong crowd. Take a look at these three schools, which are the best choice for a good education when buying a flat.

St Paul’s Church of England Primary School in Camden

This school is situated in Camden, meaning it will be in close proximity to your flat, with traveling options via the tube or bus. An average number of 210 children are present at St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, making this a relatively small primary school. The Church of England aids this school, proving how well supported this learning environment is. The school was built in 1873, making it one of the oldest schools with the highest reputations in the city. Pupils can even visit the website of St Paul’s Church of England Primary School to interact with other students in a safe online environment, which is brilliant for establishing friendships. Coffee mornings are a great way to learn about where your child is being taught when you buy a flat.

Primrose Hill School In Camden

Primrose Hill School is also based in Camden, in one of the most beautiful locations. The school is constructed with a spectacular Victorian appearance and has a view over Regent’s Canal. London Zoo is nearby; making school trips an accessible way for the children to learn more about wildlife and other things. Children can play in one of the two playgrounds and there is even a Nursery building for the younger children. The school website offers parents the chance to stay up-to-date with the sports, music and art news. Social media has even allowed the school to be followed for updates on Twitter, meaning parents are always aware. Contact the school and talk to members of staff to arrange a meeting, discussing your child’s options.

The American School in London Junior School

If you are an American family transferring to the United Kingdom to live in a flat, then it will probably be more comforting for your child if they go to an American school. The American School in London Junior School is situated in St John’s Wood, but do not fret if you do not live near it, because there are plenty of transport options surrounding the school location. There is an average amount of 1350 students here, with most students being of international origins. This is a good way for your child to learn about children from different backgrounds.

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