So in keeping with the new series of what you should bring when you are ready for your relocation to London, I thought it might be just as helpful to know what you should NOT bring with you if you are an American moving to London.  Namely and this is a big one for a lot of people; all your furnishings.  Now very much unlike what it is here in London, Brits don’t have the attachment to their beds that say American’s do.  You won’t be finding any large four poster canopy beds taking up all the room in your apartment.  And recall that in London most apartments don’t have closets, so there will be a wardrobe to contend for square footage in your flat bedroom, that is at least one wardrobe.  But there will be something else to compete for floor space, a commode.  You’re thinking  “what??? A Commode in the bedroom??”   While we here are thinking, “yeah and?”.  That’s because a “commode” here in England is commonly known in America as a “dresser”.  We’ll have to add that to one of Colleen’s lists 🙂

But speaking of Colleen’s post, a couple months ago she mentioned a spot in Chelsea I’m checking out this weekend, Lots Auctions.  Now because of the cost being so great with trying to move an entire household of furniture across the ocean most Americans moving to London don’t try to bring it all with them.  So spots like Lots Auction houses are around the city and fill a perfect need, (like my need for a new couch).  The nicest thing I find about is that everything that’s for sale in that week’s auction on Sunday (holidays be damned, they auction every Sunday) is viewable online after 6 on Thursdays.  Nearly 400+ items a week, with a constant complete turn over of their inventory each week you never know what you’ll find there.  Why do I bring it up now on the relocation blog?  Well because if you are an American moving to London and have already been sticker shocked into reality that you have to leave your beloved bed behind, isn’t it helpful to be able to shop online now and see what it will cost you to replace it all?

Now one of the nice things about using a relocation agent is that you can also tell them that you want to only look at places that are furnished already.  Though it is not the best of ideas to limit yourself in any way when looking for a flat, you do have the option of telling your relocation agent that you must be a stickler on this one item.  Even if your planning on letting a furnished place you will still want to visit the website of Lots Auction house, who doesn’t need just that one thing to add to what they have already?  Their auctions are on Sundays, and the showrooms are open in the evenings on Wednesdays, and during the days until the sale.  Sunday’s at 1:00 begins the auctions on household furnishings such as beds, sofas, mirrors, both new contemporary designs as well as antiques.  But the auction that starts at 4:00 is all the art work, and collectibles and higher priced collections and individual pieces.  So used and new it’s a good price range mix.  I looked today and saw the average prices on couches were 200-300 GBPs.

The entire point is that the site can be a good guide when planning your relocation to London.  And as an American moving to London, unfortunately your bed will more than likely have to stay home 🙁

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS