Your Personal London Relocation Resource
Your Personal London Relocation Resource

Part of your relocation to London planning is making sure that you are actually prepared to leave your country of origin. This is particularly important for Americans moving to London due to the tax implications of living abroad.

One of the best ways of approaching an international relocation is to have an expert handle your affairs in London and you take care of the details back home.

Having one of the professional London relocation agents helping you will allow you to make sure that everything is wrapped up back at home.


Relocation To London Planning – Finances

If you have a bank account in the UK, and you will need one, you need to make sure of your rights and responsibilities regarding tax. For Americans it may be wise to consult with a tax consultant who has experience in relocation to London planning. Remember that your country of origin will definitely want to know where you are at all times. They may even want to tax you on the income earned while you are out of the country. This could be one of the most important areas that you have to finalize before your move.

IRA Relocation To London Planning

Your pension is a very important part of your financial planning no matter where you live. Does your country of origin have a reciprocal agreement with the UK when it comes to pension contributions? You don’t want to let your pension lapse while you are away. You may be able to move your pension fund to a pension fund in the UK for the duration of your relocation.

Moving is a big step and you will have to make your financial decisions carefully Your relocation to planning should start early. If you have a mortgage you need to decide if you are willing to sell your home or perhaps rent it out for the duration of your relocation. This decision will depend on the length of your stay. Do you want to have the hassle of managing two properties?

While no one wants to cut ties with their home country completely, it is important that you really immerse yourself in life in your new city and new country. Your relocation to London planning will help you organize your life before you arrive, so you can really enjoy your stay.


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