If you have recently completed your relocation to London you’re probably a little tired of dealing with paperwork, leases, visas and other issues that expats have to face. If you’re planning on moving to London there is a lot that you can get done with the help of your London relocation services company, which will leave you free to actually enjoy living in the city after your international relocation.

Having a night out with some friends in London is probably going to occur more often that you expect, so it might be wise to learn about what you can expect if you head into town for a drink with some of your new friends.

Many Americans moving to London are surprised and even shocked at the amount of alcohol consumed by the British. There is a massive culture of drinking, especially in London where going out drinking is considered ‘the’ social activity of a weekend. It can be a challenge if you’re trying hard to fit into your new job, gain a measure of acceptance in your neighborhood, or even just make some new friends.

Drinking at work or as part of the team is considered normal. Don’t be surprised if your boss takes your team out for drinks during the day, it can continue into a night out and you won’t be judged at work the next day when you roll in with a hangover. The best advice, if you’re not used to marathon parties is to pace yourself very carefully. You will notice that the pubs are full after work on Thursdays and Fridays. When the pubs close at 11 or midnight, the party just continues on the pavement (sidewalk).

If you’re out in a group, it is traditional for each person to buy a round, so make sure you have enough cash on you to stand your friends or colleagues to a treat. You don’t have to tip the bartender here either; it’s just not an accepted thing to do. If you are going to go out and ‘go large’ of an evening, then you must be sure that you have enough money for a taxi to get home or that you have a ride home that is safe.

Navigating the waters of the social scene after your relocation can be tricky, especially if you’re single, but with a bit of good advice and some common sense you’ll soon be a part of the party!

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