It’s not as easy at it seems. When you’re looking at moving to London visas, you need to start planning a long time ahead of your intended departure date.

Moving To London Visa Applications

First of all moving to London obviously implies that you’re looking at something pretty long-term in terms of employment. That leaves two categories that you’ll need to qualify for in order to work in London (and the UK in general): High value immigrants and Skilled Workers (they are otherwise referred to as Tier 1 and Tier 2).

Moving To London Visa Types

To qualify for Tier 1 or the High Value category, you’ll have to be recognised as exceptionally talented in terms of contributions to society such as the arts and the sciences. Also falling under this category are entrepreneurs, investors and students seeking employment following their graduation from a UK university.

Tier 2 (Skilled Workers) generally applies to people who already have a job secured for them. You’ll be required to show proof of this employment for official purposes. This category also applies to people who are ministers of a religion and establish sportspersons like coaches and players who can make a significant contribution to their particular fields as well as those working for multinational companies being transferred to the UK.

Unless you’re one of the exceptional few whose contribution to society is so inarguable that you qualify without a second thought to the Tier 1 group, it’s more likely that you’ll be in the Tier 2 category. In that case, you’ll have to be very certain of being employed once you reach the UK. If you don’t know who it is employing you, do background checks and otherwise ask around to have an idea of how things will go once you reach the UK. In addition, bear in mind that an employer would have to prove that they could find a UK person to fill the position you were hired for, another possible obstacle to your efforts.

When you’re planning your relocation it may well be that you have been offered a job and your moving to London visas will be sorted out by your new employer. If your spouse or partner wants to work in the UK you’ll have to do a bit of planning to make it happen.

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