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Completely personal opinion of course, but moving from New York to London is the best choice you’ll ever make!

Moving from New York to London?…

Which metropolis is a better place to call home?

Many Americans are anxious about moving from New York to London. But after they find a flat with London Relocation, their anxiety dissipates because they realize that they are moving to a great city (and in LR’s opinion, the best city in the world!). However, we understand that it’s hard to leave the states behind, especially if you’re leaving behind New York City. I’ve moved from NYC recently, and I know it isn’t easy. A lot of people ask me which city I prefer. It’s a contentious question, one that has been asked, discussed and argued for as long as New York and London have been two of the largest most cosmopolitan cities in the world and I’m sure you’ve encountered it.

Which City is Better London or New York?

moving from new york to londonWhen I was living in New York City I was irritated at the way New Yorkers discussed their city, as if there was no world outside of Manhattan. Whenever I visited my friends in Hastings on Hudson, a town thirty minutes away from the city, my fellow New Yorkers called this excursion, a ride into “the country.” New Yorkers used this term to describe any part of their state not located in the five boroughs. I scoffed at this attitude… before I adopted it myself! There is so much to love about New York: the endless evenings, the super fast transport, the art scene… When I was living there it really did feel like there is no place better in the whole world.

However, I love London More!

 new york to londonOf course, my opinion is just one opinion, but a slew of London-living ex-pats agree with me! Why? It may seem crazy, but what London lacks in the intense dazzle of New York City, it makes up for in English charm.

I can get a bit more specific…

I have a long-running mental list of why I prefer London to New York. In London, you’re a short plane flight, chunnel ride, or boat ride away from all of Europe. In London, you don’t freeze for half of the year. Seriously… In London, there is more green space so you don’t experience that rat-trapped-in-a-maze feeling. Also, as surprising as it might seem, although London’s nightlife closes down earlier, trust me, it’s no less lively than NYC! According to Trip Advisor, London even has more nightlife spots. According to this Guardian article that discusses the art and culture of the world’s largest cities, London also has more museums than NYC!

So, although I will always look back on my time in NYC fondly, London has stolen my heart forever. It’s my favorite city, my favorite place in the whole world. You’ll see for yourself if you’re lucky enough to move here, speaking of, if you’re relocating, give us a call!

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