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So, yesterday I was having my daily meeting with AJ; we were chatting about the London rental market vs. US and Canadian realtors, when he said, “Hang on a second, Belinda. You need to get this, and really understand it…”

I said, “Sure, I’m listening.”

He said, “Then stop typing and really listen…”

Oops, forgot that my typing is rather definitive and that AJ can hear it even when I’m in Sao Paulo!


Why We’re Different…

AJ is extremely passionate about the business, but more than that, about people moving to London and the London property market; specifically how it affects expats moving to London from the US and Canada. US expats make up a significant proportion of our market, and renting a home in any city in the US is completely different to renting in London.

The Way The London Property Market Works…

  1. There is no MLS in London. We can’t stress this enough. All real estate agents work for themselves. Realtors do NOT work for the potential tennant. They take a fee from the landlord to place you into one of their properties and they also take a fee from you. London Relocation is the ONLY MLS in London. We do not take fees from estate agents, property owners or landlords. Our fee is paid by our client, so we work for them. That’s you.
  2. We show you properties from range of estate agents in London. First, the Needs Assessment establishes EXACTLY what you require and then we go and find it. If that means that we set appointments to see 25 properties from 25 estate agents in one day – that’s what we do. We guarantee placement.
  3. Another interesting fact about the London real estate market is the fact that many agents are paid more to get people to sign a longer lease. There is always a vested interest and sadly it very often isn’t in the renters best interest.
  4. We negotiate a lease on your behalf. Remember, we’re not getting paid by the landlord, we have no interest in placing clients for more money. In fact… If we save a client just £25 per week on their rent, that’s a saving of £1300 over the course of a year – which more than covers, in many cases, our fees.
  5. Legally, financially and contractually, we stand on the side of our client. There is no grey area – We work for You!
  6. Our relocation service covers everything: Because every member of the LR team has moved to London themselves, we really do understand what needs to get done: bank accounts, schools, gyms, transport, internet, cable etc.

The process of moving to London is a journey – it’s complicated, multifaceted and sometimes challenging. Most people relocating don’t have the time to spend doing it themselves and navigating one of the world’s trickiest rental markets, which is where we make such a difference.

This was just one of the items on our daily agenda yesterday, but I felt it was so good that it needed to be written down – it’s THAT important to our clients; for anyone thinking about renting in London.


P.S. I now type very softly…

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