If you are an American moving to Engand, or if you have just started living here and have some time before you start your new job then taking a tour of the best tourist attractions is going to be high on your agenda. It’ll give you a great idea of how to get around the city as well as giving you the chance to experience it as a tourist before you settle down to the job of being a native local!  Many American expats are living here and almost all want to see the things they have only heard about before moving to London.

Get a London Pass

The London Pass will allow you to experience over 50 top tourist attractions for a lot less. Although there is a higher outlay to start with, you will be saving a huge amount of money when you visit places like the London Eye or The Tower of London. You can also purchase a London Pass that includes the price of your travel around town, which is a fantastic way to get to know your new home now that you are an American expat living here.

Visiting as a tourist means long lines to get into the attractions and even longer waiting times. If you have a London Pass, you get to skip the queues (lines) and enjoy the sights without wasting any time. If you have friends and family visiting you after you have settled into your new rental, -and you will have lots of visitors, then the London Pass is a great way to introduce people to everything that this city has to offer.

The London Pass does not just include transport and tickets to get into the attractions. It is a complete package and you can join tours, go on river cruises and get into exhibitions as they open.

If you are an American then you will need to budget for a pass as soon as you arrive. Not only do you get free entry into over 5 top attractions but you get a top quality guidebook that will help you plan your tours and travel to get the best value out of your London Pass.


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