If you haven’t made your international relocation to London yet, perhaps you were able to catch its SPECTACULAR New Year’s fireworks display. The city really outdid itself in ushering in 2012, as the entire ten-minutes-long show ran like an ongoing finale, and this was the first year the fireworks were set to music. They exploded from everywhere—Big Ben, the London Eye, and along the river—right after a giant countdown projected onto the side of the Shell Centre on London’s south bank. The masses gathered in and around Westminster for the show, and, while I didn’t envy their commute home in such crowds, it’s awesome that London runs the Tube trains all night for such occasion.

We unfortunately didn’t have a direct view of the display from our apartment, but we could see its throbbing glow silhouetting the buildings at the end of our square and imagined that’s what the Blitz may have looked like from our same window decades ago. BBC HD on the telly makes for a fine substitute as well: we watched BBC’s live footage and listened to the actual pops and bangs illuminating the sky outside.

If you’re moving in 2012, cheers to you and your new year of possibilities! Much luck and joy to you as you make your international relocation, and, to add a little pomp and circumstance to the occasion, check out the BBC video of the New Year’s fireworks below. (To further reflect on the old year and what’s coming up in the new year, see also my previous post, “Relocation to London – 2011 in Review“)


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