People of all ethnicities and backgrounds will relocate to the United Kingdom in a bid to find a flat in London. A large portion of these people come from America, with other fractions coming from countries such as China, India and Canada. Americans are sure to feel settled when they move into their new apartment, because the city caters to all kinds of people from the USA. Find out where some of the best American style bars, clubs and restaurants are set when you find a flat in London, so that you can stay absorbed in your own culture and socialize with other Americans. Bars Off Broadway is an example of a popular bar to visit when you find a flat in London. Due to Off Broadway being aimed primarily at American people, you can find other like-minded people here to talk to. Other American bars that are worth visiting for some delicious homemade beverages include Big Easy, Bodean’s and Missouri Angel. If you would like a bite to eat when you visit a bar, but nothing as heavy as it may be in a restaurant, then visit PJ’S Restaurant & Bar.

This bar is based on Wellington Street in the West End of the city. After you find a flat, this is the perfect way to meet other people who have recently relocated from America. Clubs If you like a dance and a flirt when you find a flat, you should plan a night out at one of the many American clubs that are based in the city. The Roadhouse is a mixture of a restaurant, bar and club. This versatile club caters to people of all ages and with transport from Covent Garden, guests can get easy access to and from their new home. Alternatively, decide between some other highly rated clubs including All Star Lanes, where bowling is available and Dollar Grills & Martinis. It is worth performing some research on clubs before you venture to one, to ensure the atmosphere suits you when you find a flat in London. Restaurants If you prefer to relax in some familiar surroundings with fine American dishes and good people, then take a trip to one of the American restaurants after you find a flat in London. Christopher’s American Bar & Grill serves food all day with dishes on their menu consisting of roast turkey, pumpkin pie and steak. Other choices include Sticky Fingers, the Joe Allen Restaurant and Planet Hollywood, for an evening with the family. For a classier environment when you find a flat in London, visit Sophie’s Steakhouse for steak and a brownie.

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