The first thing you have to remember when you’re planning your relocation to London is that you are moving to a foreign country. Even Americans moving to London find it oddly unsettling to be thrust into the heart of a very different way of life and an unfamiliar city. There are a number of excellent reasons to make use of one of the professional London relocation agents:

Accommodation Tips For Americans Moving to London

Or you may decide that you don’t want to live amid the hustle and bustle of the city, but would prefer something a little quieter. If you’ve never been to London before a professional London relocation services agent will be able to help you decide between a village atmosphere, modern suburbia, or old-school splendor. London has the widest variety of neighborhoods and suburbs and choosing the right one is important to a successful international relocation. Choosing a neighborhood and then a new home is going to be the most important part of your relocation, and if you don’t have a clue as to the differences between Hackney and Hampstead Heath, then you may want to get an expert to advise you.

Americans Moving To London Neighborhoods

The biggest part of finding the right home for Americans is to establish what you want from your neighborhood or community. There is a big difference if you’re moving as a professional ‘singleton’ (Thank you Bridget Jones!) or if you’re moving with your children. You might have to live in a specific neighborhood to be able to get your children into a particular school.

Transport is also going to pay a large part in where you eventually settle. Be sure to tell your relocation agents just how far you’re prepared to commute each day to get to work and back. Americans moving here will find it easy when they have people who know what they’re doing, and more importantly people who know the city. Its’ a massive city and you could do with a little bit of insider information when you are intending on making London your home for a few years.


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