The best advice for Americans moving to London is to get settled into your new London apartment and then get out of it! The best way to experience London and to start exploring your new city is to take part in the many tours that London has to offer tourists. This is a large city and it might be wise to spend some time seeing the city from the different perspectives that tourist tours have to offer. It will give you an overview of life in London, plus you’ll be able to entertain all of your friends and relatives who’ll be coming to visit you once you have relocated to London.

Americans Moving to London Tours

The River Thames snakes its way through London and is as much a part of life today as it was centuries ago. The city grew up around the river and it has played a large part in making this one of the biggest cities in Europe. For a truly unique perspective then you should take a day trip with one of the many excellent River Tour companies that operate along the River Thames. There is history along every stretch and bend of this river and it’s a great way for Americans moving to London to get their bearings.

The best way to see the river and the sights is by using one of the hop-on, hop-off travel tickets offered by the river tour companies. Day trips to Hampton Court Palace are a wonderful way to enjoy London and the verdant countryside around Kew. The number of different tour operators means that you can arrange for any type of cruise you like, from exciting amphibious adventures on the Duck boats, to sunset champagne cruises as you pass under stately Tower Bridge; there is a ‘water-way’ for every taste and pocket. Many of the top attractions  are within walking distance of the river.

Americans Moving to London Attractions

Whip out your trainers and head off on foot. It’s free, and a fabulous way to see the city.  You get to beat the traffic while taking in the city sights.  It is becoming more pedestrian friendly and getting around on foot can save you masses of time. Many attractions are closer than you think. Covent Garden and Leicester Square stations are only 5 minutes walk apart and yet it can take an hour to get between the two by tube. Delve deep into the history with a guided walking tour of the historical attractions.

A royal procession is part of the free tour of Royal London offered by Sandemans New London Tours; you can also try the Grim Reapers of London Tour and be horrified by the tales of Jack the Ripper. For lovers of Shakespeare, the Shakespeare City Walk is the best way to learn more about the life of the Bard.

Ever wondered where in Notting Hill Julia Roberts fell in love with Hugh Grant? Indulge in a bit of celeb watching with a Celebrity Planet Walking Tour, they even have Harry Potter, and Beatles tours for you to indulge in so you can snap a photo of you and your friends crossing Abbey Road just like the famous album cover by the Beatles.

Anyone new here need to be able to get out and enjoy the city, so give yourself a couple of weeks to play tourist, before settling in to your new job.


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