October can be strange month for Americans moving to London. If you have just arrived in the city it is a season of change and often you will feel more homesick in October and November than at any other month of the year.

Fall, is well underway in London in October, You’ll have to get used to calling it Autumn after your international relocation to London. People in the UK do not know what “Fall” is. The season heralds the start of longer nights and ever shortening days. Early evening comes sometime around late afternoon and this can be depressing if you have just moved halfway around the world from somewhere sunny. It is however good training for winter days ahead.

British summer time ends on the 31st of October and all the clocks move back an hour which means that night descends even sooner. The race towards the end of October may have you thinking about the traditional celebrations that you have back at home, but for most Americans moving to London there is little or no celebration of a holiday that is somewhat entrenched in American culture.  You may see the odd decoration and occasionally people have a private Halloween party but if you have young children, you will have to find one of the specific events that are held each year by American families and expat groups.

There are a number of October holidays that you will have to learn to ignore after your relocation to London. Columbus Day probably passed with a full day hard at work in your new London job yesterday and Halloween may be a disappointment. November has two holidays that are not celebrated in the UK: Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day. But you can have a great Thanksgiving Day with a little planning and even a day off from work if you fancy.

It might sound a little depressing if you have just completed your relocation. In reality, there are literally thousands of American expats moving here each year. The expat community is an important resource if you have just moved to the city and want to do a little home style celebrating during October and November.

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