Thousands of Americans moving to London will require some kind of checklist, so that it is easier to plan for the big day. Whether you are planning to relocate in eight weeks, four weeks, one week or less, you will need to begin organizing yourself. Things can get pretty hectic once you arrive in your new place of residence. From getting a new job to arranging childcare or education for your children, you will need to use your time well. For Americans moving to London to effectively preserve some time before heading off to the United Kingdom, a number of things should be concentrated on with a checklist.

Sort Out Paperwork

Not only will you need to get their passport ready for traveling, there will be an abundance of other paperwork that needs filling out too. A visa will be a necessary document because if you are to move to another country permanently, you will have to gain permission to do so. Contact your nearest visa office and plan this. In addition to this, you should gather any vital permits that you might need. Flight details must be collected also, due to the fact that time can be wasted if these documents are not on hand the day before you move. Family documentation, birth certificates and marriage certificates are some other kinds of paperwork that Americans moving to London should take into account.

Sell Unwanted Items

A valuable tip that Americans moving to London should add to their checklist will be to de-clutter prior to moving. It is worth doing this in advance of your relocation because as time nears, you will find yourself taking on other duties. Taking too much overseas will cost more in travel expenses and may not even fit in your new apartment, flat or house. By selling items you can make some money and use this to afford certain things such as the cost Americans moving to London will pay for a moving company.

Call Moving Company

A crucial thing that Americans moving to London will have to do will be to call a reliable moving company. Without a moving company you will spend extortionate amounts on fuel as a result of numerous trips. A large lorry will be able to hold all your items and transfer them with ease to the airport. This will not only prevent you from straining yourself while lifting, but it ensures that the items are not at risk of being damaged. Americans moving to London would fare well to organize this at least 12 weeks before the date of relocation.

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