While London looks quaint and charming on postcards, you will have to prepare yourself before you get here for the fact that your new rental will be something the size of a postage stamp. Most advice on moving to London will tell you that you will be living in one of the most fascinating and cosmopolitan cities in the world. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in British culture and have the opportunity to see some of the marvels that London is famous for, like architecture. Good advice on moving to London means that the reality is somewhat different.

Advice on Moving to Apartments

The best advice on moving is that you’ll have to get used to the size of your new London apartment. It’s the one aspect that can really bother people, especially if they’ve decided to ship all of their appliances over from home. Chances are that you’ll have to sell them, or hire a crane to get them into your apartment, if you can find space for them at all. The reason for the smaller properties is historical. London was built hundreds of years ago, and while this might make for a fascinating historical tour, it can mean that your living conditions are more cramped than you are used to. Many of the properties date back to the Victorian age and a house that once had 4 floors with servants accommodation is now a block of 8 or 9 flats, and if you do have the top floor then you will have to lug your parcels and groceries up the stairs.

Advice on Moving For Americans

Storage space is limited in flats and not all of them have cupboards so you may have to purchase a wardrobe once you are here. Bathrooms and kitchens are particularly small and the best advice on moving is not to bring any appliances over with you. Purchase smaller ones here that will fit into your space. Most people have a combination washer/dryer to save space and hardly anyone has a dishwasher.

The most important advice on moving is that you will get used to it and the flats will not seem so small anymore, the little differences will not be issues because after all, there is something wonderful about waking up in central London and being able to see the view of this amazing city and knowing that you are now a local.


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