We love giving out moving to London advice! (Plus, we don’t charge you for it!) It’s part of the service really; we’ve all moved to London/lived abroad, and sometimes all you want is some advice on where to get a great curry in your new neighborhood. If you are moving to London there are a few things that will make your relocation easier. We are, of course, one of those things because London Relocation has been helping ex-pats settle and navigate this cosmopolitan landscape for years. What else will help you on this potentially exhausting journey? A fabulous meal, of course.

Moving to London Advice #1: Apartment searching is easier on a full tummy!

London, once considered a virtual desert when it came to any sort of culinary or gastronomic prowess (fish and chips for every meal, really?) is now known for having some of the best food in the world. It’s become an oasis for foodies of all palettes. Whether you’re moving to London from Australia or from France, you are sure to be just as enamored with this city’s restaurant scene as we are.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Notting Hill’s top shops,and as you could probably tell we have a soft spot for this area’s vibrant, quaint character. So, this week, we thought we would write about three of our favorite restaurants in W11. You are sure to love these three because they represent la crème de la crème of London eating.

So, without further delay, this is where you should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one of London’s best neighborhoods:

1. Breakfast at Granger & Co.

175 Westbourne Grove

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New York Times Magazine describes this restaurant as “airy and bright.” They fell, like us, similarly in love with the food. “Australian chef Bill Granger,” they say, “takes charge of the most important meal of the day by elevating the humble scrambled egg into something famously decadent and luscious, with heavy cream and butter. His soft-boileds are also well prepared, and paired simply with buttery sourdough soldiers for dipping into the yolks.” We don’t know about you, but that description made us hungry!

2. Lunch at Pizza East

310 Portobello Road
Like the first restaurant on our list, Pizza East is a beautiful place to eat. It was once a Georgian pub but has since been renovated. It’s right in the heart of Portobello market so it’s ideally located if you’re shopping around. It’s lively like its surroundings but if you want a break from chaos, there’s the option to eat on their second story, where there is a terrace and a nice view of the neighborhood!

3. Dinner at the Ledbury


We saved the most upscale restaurant for last! According to Londonist, Ledbury placed tenth in the prestigious, “World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards,” which makes it the second best restaurant in the whole of the UK. This restaurant is all about delivering the best of local, fresh British fruits & vegetables in surprising and luxurious dishes. It’s definitely where you should treat yourself after you find a new flat in London!

We hope these three restaurants have made you more excited about your move to London about your next meal!
Bon appétit London Lovelies, and look out for our Moving to London Advice #2 later this week!

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