So you’re moving to London this year… It’s going to be thrilling, an adventure and a challenge. At London Relocation, we’re extremely proud of our promise to our clients moving to London: “We Do Everything!”. Mostly because we really, do EVERYTHING… From finding a flat in One Day (guaranteed), negotiating the lease, (saving you money) and getting you settled (bank accounts, Internet and utilities) to school searches, and placement as well as pet -friendly properties, we really manage your relocation with style, flair and guaranteed success.

Except for one small thing…

Moving to London – The Weather…

Those of you moving to London in February or March this year, may have noticed the rather extreme weather conditions (we call it normal!) and may be wondering how you’ll ever manage your big move while wearing three anoraks, four pairs of thermal socks and and pair of wellies, while carrying a brolly into work every day!

Never Fear – Its Not Always Cold in London (but it might be wet…)

The United Kingdom is infamous for its wet weather conditions and since you have decided to make London your new home you should be informed of what to expect with the weather. Londoners are known to regularly carry both our sunglasses and an umbrella. But London weather is never so extreme as to detract from all the great things to do in the city.

Seasons in the UK

There are four seasons in the United Kingdom. i.e.  from March to May its Spring; June to August its Summer; September to November its Autumn and December to February is Winter. So if you are not used to these kind of weather conditions you should familiarise with the different weather changes to enable you to cope while settling into your new home.

moving-to-london-springMoving to London in March – Spring Has Sprung (kinda…)

In Spring the countryside is normally in full bloom and there is month average of sunlight. London comes alive in the spring. Temperatures creep back up and the capital is bathed in glorious warm sunshine. There are spring showers in March and April and it is wise to bring a waterproof jacket with you. This is probably the most unpredictable time of year and hardest to dress for. The best advice is to select a range of winter and summer items and make sure you have at least one warm jumper with you.

Summer in the City


Summer is a time for outings and holidays as the temperatures are hot most of the time. London is glorious in the summer. The capital is full of luscious parks and welcoming open spaces and there is a wealth of outdoor entertainment to enjoy, but be warned, the weather is always unpredictable at this time or year! Temperatures can skyrocket in summer but they can also remain temperate and pleasant. Pack for summer but make sure you bring a light jacket and a waterproof just in case it rains!

In Autumn (Fall) you will see leaves begin to change colour, transforming England’s landscape into an array of autumn colours. Winter time brings with it snow and frost, and the temperature can drop below freezing point but rarely drops much below.  London is a magical place in winter as streets sparkle with fairy lights and the city is occasionally blanketed under layers of snow and ice. London is one of the warmest places in the country but it is still advisable to dress warmly with hats, scarves, gloves and boots.

Moving to London Tip – Talking About the Weather

Talking about the weather is a national pastime and source of fascination. Actually, I should say, complaining about the weather is a national pastime… HOWEVER, it remains solely a pastime of citizens of Great Britain. A Londoner can fiercely abuse the state of the weather for 30 minutes, but don’t take this as your cue to strike up a conversation and join in with the complaining, the Brits, don’t take kindly to others bashing their bad weather!

While we can’t control the type of weather you’ll find when you’re moving to the UK this year, we CAN control and manage every other aspect of your move and will even let you in on our top ten list of the best places to buy wellies!

If you’d like to chat about your upcoming move to London this year, give us a call and let us help you find your London home. Even if you don’t use our phenomenal flat-finding service (which is guaranteed) we can still help you with some great advice and point you in the right direction.

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