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If you are going to be moving to London for more than a month then you might find that many of the people that you know will suddenly start bombarding you with stories about England, English people and London in particular. It can be unnerving to say the least and most of them will be untrue or at least highly exaggerated. You should approach your move with an open mind and be prepared to really live in London as opposed to just finding a London rental to hole up in for the time that you are there.

Use the time that you have to explore the city as well as the rest of the country. One of the biggest myths about London and England is that London is the only city and there is nothing else to do and see in England. Nothing could be further from the truth! Many people in England have never been to London once in their entire lives and are quite happy about it. England is a small country, which only means that it is easier to get out and explore all of it while you are living in London.

Some other myths that deserve to be busted about London and Londoners:

Welcome to London!
Welcome to London!

All Londoners are unfriendly: So untrue! London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and there are millions of people here from other countries and places all mixed together in a huge cultural melting pot. Londoners are friendly and will make you feel very welcome. They might poke a bit of fun at you but it is all in jest and you will be able to make friends here easily if you make the effort to get involved in the community.

The food is bad: Considering that London has most of the same brand names of fast food places that America does, it can’t be all bad. London has a vibrant culinary scene with many fine restaurants and eateries as well as shops that sell fresh and interesting food. English people take a delight in preparing food, meals, and Londoners especially.

The weather is bad: Again not quite as bad as you might be led to believe – (“Hurricane Warning for February 12, 2014 notwithstanding!”)It does not rain any more than other cities around the world that have the same climate as London. What may have perpetuated this myth is the fact that English people DO love talking about the weather and complaining about it even. It is not however considered form for a foreigner to moan about the bad weather, even when it is bad!

All Londoners hate Foreigners: They do not. This is one of the cities that have the largest population of immigrants in the world. Londoners love meeting new people and are happy to introduce foreigners to their way of life and everything that the city has to offer. Get out there and start exploring your new city and you will be a native Londoner in no time. They may even allow you to complain about the weather occasionally.


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