Your guide to moving to London should include tips on how to get around the city in the first days and weeks. The sight of a Black Cab making its way through the city streets have become a tourist attraction in itself.

Taking a Black Cab maybe slightly more expensive than taking a tube or the bus, but as a guide to moving here, it might be wise to use the Taxi’s for a while until you get to know the city.

Travel Tips

The Black Cabs are an integral part of life and play a large part in the entire experience. Although they are not all painted black, these days they come in a rainbow of colours and they can be hailed in any street, or at one of the official taxi ranks that are located throughout the city.

Taxi Guide

A cabbie is able to calculate the quickest way of getting to any destination without having to use GPS or any modern convenience. this is known as The Knowledge.This part of a cabbie’s training has been in existence since 1865 and takes a number of years to study the huge amount of knowledge about London. There are also tours available through the cab company so you can get a Londoner’s viewpoint of being in London and the best places to visit.

Guide Safety

There have been numerous safety measure put in place by the city of London and all cabs have licence numbers and badges to ensure that you are safe while travelling through London. Fares are metered with a £2.20 minimum fee. There are also a number of private taxi companies, known as mini-cabs, and you can hire a cab that can take several people or even a limo if that takes your fancy. It is important to note that all private taxicabs have to be pre booked. This ensures that all of the cabs in London are licensed and legal. Taking an uncooked minicab is illegal so do not get into a private cab on the street.

Moving to London can be one of the best times in your life and getting around the city is a way of getting to know the city. Taxis are more expensive than other forms of transport, but they offer a unique perspective on the city and they will get you where you need to be quickly and safely.

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