Thousands of people move to the shining city of London each year. Although there are various reasons why people move to this capital of the United Kingdom, the biggest reason by far is to seek work in this booming city that houses a host of employment possibilities in a variety of sectors.

If you’re looking to move here and purchase property then you will require the services of London estate agents. However, as with anywhere else in the world, you can’t just pick the first company you come across. Some agents are much better at getting you the type of property you want in the price range you are expecting to pay while others simply waste your time and money without providing any positive results.

Therefore, you need to shop around for good estate companies and narrow your choices down to a shortlist that eventually supplies you with a qualified company with professional agents. Here are some of the most important traits to look for when seeking good London estate agents.


One of the top items you want to look for is a real estate company that has experience and has been in the industry for quite awhile. Such companies will have London estate agents that are well versed in the ups and downs of the housing market and know both what current fair prices are and what trends are expected. These agents will also be skilled in negotiating the best price possible on properties you are interested in so you get the most and the best for your money.

Communication and Punctuality

The traits of good communication and punctuality go hand in hand and both of these should be possessed by London estate agents that you deal with. First of all, a good agent will communicate with you on an ongoing basis to inform you of properties they’ve located, problems that might arise, further details of what you want in your home, and more.

Good London estate agents will also be punctual. They will be on time to personal, phone, or internet meetings to discuss information and share details. If they are consistently late, it is a sure sign that they are the same way with home sellers, thereby missing opportunities for finding good deals. If an agent doesn’t communicate well, or has a habit of being tardy, then you should find another.

Contracts and Legalities

Since most London real estate buyers are from other countries, it is important to find London estate agents who are up front about any contracts you are required to sign and local laws you should be privy to. Be sure to read all the fine print of a contract and ask any questions on matters you might not understand. Also, ensure that certain clauses are contained such as what happens should you find and negotiate a deal on your own.

Find out what legalities you may need to know or employ, such as retaining a solicitor to review or draw up sales agreements. Also, ask about how monies are transferred and what guidelines apply.

If you require professional and experienced London estate agents to assist you with locating available properties for your move, contact us today.

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