You’ve been smart and hired one of the top London relocation services companies to handle your international relocatio. You are now clutching the keys to your new home in your hands and you’re ready to move in. While it would be nice to just move in and start exploring, there are a number of important things that you have to do before you can say that you have completed your relocation.

Many of these can be handled by a specialist relocations services company, especially if they have experience in expats moving to London. Ask your relocation agents to provide you with a checklist of things you should do after you have signed the lease on your new apartment.

What London Relocation Services Provide

The most important thing that you need to get your relocation services company to do is inform your local council that you have moved in. This then lets the council know where they can send you the bill for council tax. You cannot get out of paying council tax even as a renter, although some leases will include it in the lease agreement. It is very important to check this as nonpayment of council taxes is a serious offense.

London Relocation Services and Utilities

Contact your local utilities company so that you have lights, water and heat when you move in. Ensure that you do not have to pay for any usage by the previous tenant, so you should take a reading of the meter before you move in and send it to them. They may send a technician round to verify the meter reading. You may have to sign accounts with two utility companies: one for power and one for water. You can shop around or ask your relocation services company to recommend the best one in your area.

Make an effort to get a TV license. You cannot escape the wrath of the BBC if you fail to have a TV license. It is a quick payment and covers the use of all TV’s in your home. £142.50 is the annual payment for a TV license. If you want to get a landline, or internet service you should set that up using your new address. All of these little accounts will help you establish a good credit rating in the eyes of British banks after your relocation.

There are a host of small items that you can ask your London relocation services agent to do for you to make the transition a lot easier.


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