Your relocation within London can be just as tricky, and challenging as an international move.

Even more so sometimes, because you’ll probably have first-hand knowledge of the way the London real estate market works, and you know just how fast properties are snapped up! Though our relocation to London blogs do tend to focus on the different facets of an international relocation to London, the new London Relocation Property Search portal, now gives London locals the chance to find a flat without the usual hassle, heartbreak and sometimes even tears.

Relocation Within London – Students Tips

Each year thousands of university graduates make their way from across the British Isles and Europe to London to look for work and make their way in the bustling metropolis that is the city of London. It can be just as hard to find accommodation in London as a university graduate as it is for Americans moving to London. Living in London is expensive and you may want to consider house sharing for a while or living further out of the city until you can afford to move into one of the more expensive areas.


Estate agents can charge a great deal of money to set up a lease agreement and unless you know the city of London very well, you may be paying more than you should. You may have to get your parents to sign as guarantors for an apartment if you have not established credit with one of the banks. If you’re planning on moving to London after your graduation from university, and you haven’t lived in the city before, you’re in exactly the same boat as the thousands of expats moving to the UK each year. Consider getting professional help to make the adjustment easier and to get you firmly on the road to work and life in a new city.

Relocation Within London – Personal Property Search

There are dozens of ways to find property in London, from the traditional way of calling around all the estate agents and making dozens of individual appointments to see properties over a few weeks, to finding a private property rental online and then contacting the owner/landlord and hoping that you’re first in line. There are also some great apps, like Move Bubble, that let you schedule appointments with different agents directly. Relocation within London can sometimes be a lengthy, time consuming process, which is where we step in to make your life easy.

London Relocation is different: Our property search portal allows you to browse through all London properties listed by all London agents – (check out our ever expanding Agent Network here) and once you’ve narrowed down your choice, WE take over. We schedule all of the appointments for you… in ONE day. You sit back, relax, are whisked around London by our driver, WITH a personal search agent and you get to view between 18 and 25 properties, in just one day. Once you find the one you love, we’ll take over the lease negotiation process and you’ll soon be jangling your new keys.


One Day, One Search, One Call. Give us a try – our service is guaranteed.

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