After getting the news that a family will be moving from America people tend to fall into two camps.  First, there are those who immediately begin calling every relocation service they can find and beg for help – with everything.  Then, there are those families who believe they and the internet can handle it all on their own.  Honestly, neither one is completely correct in their assumptions.  The truth is, rather, somewhere in between.  This post is dedicated to all of those moving from America who believe they need no one’s help, most of all a London relocation agent’s.

Moving to London from America – Reason for Help #1

London is huge.  Trying to make sense of all of the neighborhoods is impossible to do on one’s own.  Occasionally one is fortunate enough to travel before the big move, but even if one had two weeks of non-stop house-hunting not nearly all of the city could be covered.  Relocation agents are pros in that department.  After discussing the family make-up, budget, and desires they can typically point one directly to a few neighborhoods that fit the family like a glove.

Moving to London from America – Reason for Help #2

The vast majority of locals utilize public transportation.  Unlike a family is moving from New York, Boston or another of one of a handful of American cities reliant on public transportation they have no idea how much this will change their life.  London relocation agents deal daily with families moving from America having never ridden a city bus or been forced to walk to and fro the grocery.  They are prepared to help Americans acclimate quickly.

Moving to London from America – Reason for Help #3

Even though America and England technically speak the same language, they do not.  It is very hard for the majority of families moving to England from America to communicate with the average person on the street.  When dealing with a stressful move a language barrier is the last thing one needs to add to the mix.  Relocation agents are quick to help sort out communication problems, make phone calls on a family’s behalf and give pointers on talking to the natives.

There are a million reasons a family could use a relocation service when relocating but it only takes a few to make the decision worthwhile.  Of course, doing one’s homework, researching the city, schools, neighborhoods and such is definitely recommended going it alone through the whole process is not.  Moving from America is a difficult task under the best of circumstances and families need to minimize those difficulties as much as possible.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS