If you have a moving to London checklist your relocation is going to be easy and hassle free. It is no mean feat to move your entire live across the ocean and to get settled into a new home, new job and new life in a matter of weeks, but it can be done with some excellent planning and some professional help.

Moving To London Checklist For Packing

Deciding what stays and what goes with you is a big part of your moving checklist. It’s one of the first things that you should sort out as it can affect a number of other items on your checklist. If you don’t decide what you’re going to be taking with you, how will you be able to get a comprehensive quote for shipping your belongings to London? This is where it can be essential to work with a professional relocation agent based in London who can advise you of what to bring and what to leave at home.

Moving To London Checklist For Americans

Why specifically Americans you may ask? The answer to that lies in the size of American and Canadian appliances. In general, appliances made in the USA are much larger than those found in local homes and apartments. If you’re choosing an apartment, you need to be sure that your appliances will fit or you need to budget on buying appliances when you arrive. One the whole it is probably cheaper if you purchase appliances when you arrive; after you’ve seen the size of your new kitchen.

Moving To London Checklist For Paperwork

The rule with paperwork is that you cannot leave anything at home. You never know when you may need some important document for your visa renewal, or to open a bank account. Medical records too are important. If you can’t face bringing all of yoru paperwork with you and you’re not sure exactly what you’ll need from a historic perspective then you need to make sure that it is filed and labelled and placed in the kee[ing of a trusted friend or family member who knows how to access it if you need something urgently.

Start your checklist at least six months before the big move so you’re sure that you’ve got everything covered.


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