Having a list of apartments ready for you to view when you arrive in ‘Old Blighty’ is just one of the London relocations services for Americans moving to the UK. Your relocation to London will involve a host of small details that you want to get sorted as fast as possible. Ask your London relocation services company about bank accounts and utilities in your new home. They will be able to help you with information and advice on how to get connected to everything when you are moving.

London Relocation Services For Americans Needing A Telephone

Just as soon as you have signed the lease on your new apartment you’ll want to get connected to the outside world. It will be beneficial to have a landline installed as soon as possible. Existing via mobile phone is fine, but when you are moving to a new country and trying to establish credit, open bank accounts and register for a doctor it is useful to have a landline number registered in your name.

London Relocation Services For Americans – Get Connected

Getting a land line is pretty simple. There are many different landline service providers, but you’ll have to get the actual line installed by British Telecom (BT) to be able to activate your service. You can sign up for the minimum amount of time and then swop to your preferred service provider. If you find a service provider that offers a great deal on international calling from a landline then ask if they can buy the line from BT and charge you accordingly.

Having a landline installed is one of the fastest ways of establishing credit in the UK. Ask your relocation services agent to help you get set up. It is one of the easiest contracts that you can get and it establishes your bonafides if you’re trying to open an account at a store or get a loan. To get a contract for a mobile phone is more difficult. Until you get settled you can easily use the Pay-as-you-go system on your existing phone. If your phone does not work in the UK, then you can purchase a cheap phone for very little at stores and markets across the city.

Getting connected is one of the first ways of establishing yourself in any new country. Your London relocation services for Americans understand just how important it is not to lose contact with the folks back home for a second.


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