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There’s a big difference between London relocation agents, real estate agents and realtors.

It’s true that some realtors (real estate agents in the UK) advertise themselves as London relocation agents when really, all they’re doing is advertising their ability to find you a home… in their area. Only.

The Difference Between London Relocation Agents and London Real Estate Agents

Firstly, there is no MLS in the UK. You won’t find a property listed by several estate agents for your viewing pleasure. Most estate agents only work in a specific neighborhood of London and can’t/won’t show you anything outside of their borders. Even the large property search engines like Zoopla or Right Move are just listing sites, you’ll still have to contact each estate agent and try to set a viewing date and time for EACH property you like. The larger estate agents, ones that have branches in more than one suburb are not inclined to share their stock with each other!

London relocation agents, on the other hand, can show you multiple properties from different estate agents to help you find your dream London apartment. Caveat Emptor! Many will charge you a search fee based on a per diem basis – it pays to keep you searching for longer, I guess…

london relocation agent

We do things differently:

1. Our search service is a one-time fee:

Whether we take you out once or three times. We don’t charge per day. Never Have. Never Will

2. We try to find your a home in ONE DAY.

To do this we book viewings at up to 25 properties on one day and personally escort you round London so you get a snapshot of the different neighborhoods and properties on offer. We make sure that the properties are available, and help you negotiate a lease. How do we do this? Well, by being best friends with London estate agents, of course! Our property search portal is the only one in London to have ALL of the properties listed on one convenient site for our clients. You are given a unique link and get to browse through the properties, make notes, and evaluate each one with your personal search agent.

3. We guarantee our service.

if you’d like to experience the power of an international search engine with the personal service that is our hallmark and tradition, give us a call and we’ll have a chat about your relocation needs, your property expectations and give you an overview of the London property market and how it works. It’s important for anyone moving to London.

Welcome to London Relocation, my lovelies!
Property Search Tip 2016:

If, it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Renting an apartment in London is expensive, and if you find an apartment on the internet, be very wary of sending a deposit and signing a lease without checking it out in person, first.

relocation agents

London relocation agents understand just how stressful an international relocation can be and they will do everything to help you find an apartment based on your requirements and you budget. Just as soon as you land in London they will have a number of properties lined up for you to see in the areas that you have decided on. Unless you know the city very well, you’ll need to see a few places before you make a decision, and having relocation agents on your side means that the hard work is done up front.

While many people have success using the Gum tree and Craigslist sites, it really is a case of “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware”. You don’t want to waste your money before you’ve even started your relocation to London.

Using a specialist London relocation agent company that has expertise in people relocating from your country of origin is the best way to make sure that you are settled as fast as possible and able to enjoy the experience of living in London.

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