Researching your options for a London relocation agent can be a tedious task, as there are many out there in a city as large as this. Yet when it comes to finding a London relocation agent who will guarantee your placement in the perfect London apartment and neighborhood for you—with a 98% chance it’ll happen in only one day, no joking!—then you’ve got yourself an effective search filter that whittles down your London relocation agents to just the one company: London Relocation.


London Relocation Agent – Award Night a Bit of a Bummer

I’ll ‘fess up: we didn’t win the awards we were shortlisted for at Re:locate Magazine‘s 2011/12 awards on Thursday night. But in that same confession is admission that we were, in fact, shortlisted for multiple awards (Best Property Provider or Solution and Relocation Service Provider/Team of the Year) in the first place, which was an honor—especially when we were up against larger companies who have been around the block a few more times. I know, you’re thinking, “That’s what all losers have to say to make themselves feel better.” Well, yes, that’s true, but that’s really not why I’m saying it. If it was, why on earth would I broadcast it here and make it so obvious??! 🙂 I’ll tell you the real reason why in a moment, but first allow me to applaud all of the evening’s victors, who represented the industry spectrum from London relocation agents to moving logistics to HR professionals. Bravo!

London Relocation Agent – Our Loss is Our Own Gain

No one likes a cocky London relocation agent, or any service provider or person for that matter. Not when it comes to those you need to rely on to give you peace of mind and a helping hand. With fair weather can come complacency, and I’ll tell you this: the London Relocation team prefers to play it like old-school Little League, not these days where every player gets a trophy in the end. We want recognition we deserve. And we still hold our heads high when we don’t get recognition we deserve. It just means we’ll work that much harder to deserve it more. And we know the recognition that means the most anyway—that would be our clients’ satisfaction, not a trophy to ultimately use as a really neat paperweight. Because this isn’t Little League. We’re playing in the big leagues now and endeavoring more than ever to meet the high bar we’ve set for ourselves and continually raise. Self-congratulation among industry peers is all well and good, but at the end of the day, if a client doesn’t have a London flat to call home, that would be the real loss. And we never lose in that respect. Not on our watch.

London Relocation Agent – So, What Were We Doing Instead of  Winning Awards on Thursday??

Well, believe it or not, as I sat at our dining table enjoying good company, I looked to my left and saw Phillippa checking her phone for client calls and emails and receiving signed terms and conditions to employ our services. And as I looked to my right, I saw Mat likewise checking in to ensure the week’s clients had gotten sorted all right with their estate agents. I spoke with Ryan about his viewing day before the event, and he mentioned how the clients had invited him for a pint in what will be their new neighborhood thanks to that day’s successful searches—because rapport between London Relocation agent and client is consistently that friendly and honest-to-goodness enjoyable. I saw Kenny across the table likewise with his phone at the ready so as not to let any incoming client communication slip through the cracks. And me? Well, I’m just the writer. I sat back and drank wine. But at one point AJ leaned toward me and simply said, “You know, I never wanted all this,” as he gestured to the grand banquet room at large. “I’ve never been in it for this or the money.” To which I replied, “You just want to help people. That’s why business is doing so well. So just keep doing what you’re doing.” And what they’re doing is embracing a young, progressive spirit to move forward in ways the greater industry can admittedly remain rather stodgy and stagnant. And LR is wrapped up in a package of expats who empathize with what you’re going through when you initiate an international relocation; that personal understanding makes for a personal service that’s all sorts of intangible-value-added.

And I’ll be honest. When I looked around my table, I also saw quite a bit of merrymaking. And why not? These folks work really darn hard day-in and day-out and deserved to blow off some steam in an evening of camaraderie. And even so, it was still business as usual: three sets of signed terms and conditions came in that night. Not a single hiccup in client communication no matter if the champagne came close to producing the literal kind. It was an evening of laughter, dancing, and team solidarity, and that night we toasted not ourselves but all of YOU, dear existing and future clients, and the great success your London Relocation agent will help you make of your shiny new London lives. Cheers!

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