Moving to London is a great adventure. It can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but it can also be quite scary to have to organize an international relocation by yourself. There are some excellent London relocation services that will handle all of the details of your move and make sure that you are settled into your new London apartment quicker that you can say “Mary Poppin’s” (Just as efficient too!)

The first thing that you’ll have to organize when you move to London is a place to stay. While your new employer may have located you some form of temporary accommodation, you’ll want to get settled into your own place as fast as possible. London relocation agents specialize in exactly that: Finding you a home as fast as possible. If this is your first time abroad, or even if you have visited London before, you’ll find that it’s a lot different being a Londoner than being a tourist.

Choosing a neighborhood is going to be the biggest step, and if you don’t have a clue as to the differences between Kensington and Kent, then you may want to get an expert to help you decide.

The biggest part of finding the right home is to establish what you want from your neighborhood or community. There is a big difference if you’re moving as a ‘swinging single’ or if you’re moving with your children. You may have to live in a certain neighborhood to be able to get your children into a specific school.

Transport is also going to pay a large part in where you eventually settle. Be sure to tell your London relocation company just how far you’re prepared to commute each day to get to work and back.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have people who know what they’re doing, and more importantly people who know London. Its’ a massive city and you could do with the inside scoop when you are intending on making this your home for a few years.

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By BLOG | 23 Sep 2022 | General