The worst mistake you can make when seeking out apartments for rent in Londonis to fail in researching the area you will be relocating to. While some parts of the city may suit certain people, for you, it could be your worst nightmare. This metropolitan city is bursting with opportunity and an electric atmosphere, but despite the hustle and bustle being present throughout London, each neighborhood will differ. Consider your personal requirements and learn about the top 5 areas to get apartments for rent in London, prior to making your final conclusion.

Hyde Park Corner

Situated on the south-east corner of the famous Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner offers many apartments for rent in London. While this is not the most cost-effective of the top choices, it is a spectacular area to get involved in the culture of this outstanding city. Buildings here are structured with fantastic architecture and if you enjoy tasting fine cuisine, then you will be spoilt for choice because Hyde Park Corner and the Belgravia area offer various restaurants. It is a good idea to get apartments for rent in London within this area, simply because there is a friendly and ‘village’ type atmosphere here.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the more up-scale areas to get apartments for rent. Known for its appearance on the hit film, Notting Hill is perfect for shopping and open spaces. Good transportation outlets can be found here, but if you do not like crowded places then you may want to steer clear because Notting Hill is thriving with life. You will find a number of different designs of apartments for rent in London when you venture here, as well as a diverse range of people, making it an interesting place.


You can find a wide variety of apartments for rent in Shoreditch. Shoreditch is based in Greater London and is perfect those who like to socialize. Clubs, restaurants and shops line the streets, as well as plush apartments and properties. This part has a very modern feel about it, but can cater to all tastes. Lots of people relocating to find apartments for rent will choose Shoreditch as their destination, because it is less costly than other spots.

Hampton Court

It would be beneficial to get apartments for rent in Hampton Court if you enjoy viewing historical sights and natural landscapes. Hampton Court is rather laid back when compared to other neighborhoods in the city, and this is reflected in the low traffic and pollution levels. Those seeking out apartments for rent in London with a peaceful atmosphere would certainly enjoy living in Hampton Court.


Kensington is very close to central London and there is an endless supply of apartments for rent in this area. Most people decide to relocate here when they need to commute to work, or if they enjoy being in the depths of the city life. Plenty of stores and restaurants can be found here when discovering apartments for rent, with interesting groups of people flocking here regularly.

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