If you are seriously considering a move to the beautiful city of London, you will first want to determine where you want to live. There are many fine London neighborhoods to choose from that are located in various parts of this sprawling city.

Here is a dozen London neighborhood on the Thames River.

Battersea – Once farmland, Battersea has transformed into a wonderful location for those wishing to live by the Thames. Due to its increasing popularity and green parks, developers are beginning to add even more newly constructed housing sites to the area.

Bermondsey – Beaming with trendy flats, stylish boutiques, raving restaurants, and booming bars, Bermondsey is one of the appealing London neighborhoods due to the grand views of the Tower Bridge. The Shard, Europe’s highest building, as well as the Fashion and Textile Museum and interesting antique shops are also located here.

Chelsea – Not only is Chelsea home to townhouses filled with smart dressed businessmen and women, but it is also home to the Chelsea Football Club. An international mix lives in Chelsea neighborhoods with some of the best shopping in the city is located along King’s Road.

Fulham – Filled with plenty of green areas, Fulham offers a selection of adorable houses and flats. First-class restaurants, extravagant cars, grand markets and the Fulham Football Club are all a part of Fulham’s surrounding London neighborhoods.

Greenwich – This extraordinary neighborhood comes complete with a rich maritime history, gorgeous homes built in both Gorgian and Victorian styles, peaceful parks, tempting antique shops and markets, and more.

Hammersmith – This is one of friendlier London neighborhoods where residents and international guests alike toast at one of its many casual pubs. Hammersmith’s small-town atmosphere makes it a lovely place to live and it is a major transportation hub so you can easily access other parts of the city.

Isle of Dogs – Located in the east side of the city, Isle of Dogs is a business haven hosting a mix of tall buildings, friendly pubs, and London neighborhoods filled with beautiful brick houses.

Lambeth – If you’re looking to live in a culturally rich area, Lambeth provides it amidst a laid back environment. Beautiful, inviting taverns, two bridges and stucco, and brick homes are part of Lambeth’s charm.

Pimlico – This oasis in the heart of the city contains townhouses, cafes, taverns, churches, and gorgeous homes with well-groomed gardens. This area is often overlooked due to its central location but offers a fine place to live along the Thames River for those relocating to the city.

South Bank – The London Eye, National Theatre, and other attractions make South Bank an alluring place to live. It is also alive with art and artists who both gather and reside in the area.

Southwark – Another wonderful neighborhood that is culturally diverse is Southwark. Bridges, theaters (including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre), museums, markets, restaurants, and pubs all make for a lively and exciting atmosphere.

Westminster – A deep sense of history is what you will find in Westminster. Home to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the House of Parliament, Westminster provides those fortunate enough to live in its London neighborhoods beautiful panoramic views of some of the world’s grandest sights.

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