If your relocation still has you in a quandary as to where you may settle, may we suggest the area of Finsbury Park in the northern end of central London. Living in this area can easily have you integrating with the more influential and aristocratic bound individuals and families.  Stroud Green is around the corner and Wikipedia even has an entry on Stroud Green:

Stroud Green Road is the main local hub and shopping area for residents. At its eastern end it intersects Seven Sisters Road and Blackstock Road at a major crossroads. Stroud Green Road is a populous thoroughfare linking the area of Crouch Hill with the major north London transport interchange of Finsbury Park station.

Certainly a more privileged area than not, it is a terrific place for those with a relocation to settle, or for those who have a relocation to move up into.  Your relocation agents can give you more information and listings of rental homes and apartments in the area if you want to know more, simply respond with a comment stating, “more information” or “send listings in Finsbury Park or Stroud Green”

There actually is a national park located there with the same name, Finsbury Park.  Finsbury Park was actually one of the first parks of the Victorian age, when that area was exclusively societies “in crowd” all had homes or flats.  Later in the week we’ll highlight this park and it’s many offerings to residents living in the Finsbury Park area.

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