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Brixton is one of the most eccentric London neighborhoods ideal for young singles desiring a lively, multicultural vibe.  Although crime is at its highest in Brixton there are a lot of young professionals, students, and expats living there.  With so many cultures represented, Caribbean, African, and Asian to name a few, the food is great, conversation always exciting and nightlife unbeatable.  It’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from the city of London making its incredibly low flat rates a steal.

Brixton Flats

In the nineteenth century Brixton was a well-to-do suburb of London with lovely Victorian homes lining the streets.  As Brixton fell out of favor during the twentieth century the once lovely homes were quickly divided into flats. Most Brixton flats are in these Victorian homes or are house shares.  Since Brixton is only four stops from Victoria Station on the Tube young professionals looking for a bargain in housing have moved into the neighborhood.

Brixton Eats

With so many cultures represented in Brixton the food is as good as you’d think it’d be.  One of the favorites is New Fujiyama restaurant, a local favorite, a brilliant fusion of Japanese and Caribbean cuisine and culture.  El Panzon, a Mexican restaurant, is infamous throughout Brixton for having the best burritos around.  Many take-out restaurants line the streets including traditional ones like fish and chips and pizza, as well as Lebanese, Turkish, Indian and Jamaican.

Brixton Transportation

Transportation might be the number one reason Brixton is becoming popular once again. As mentioned earlier Brixton is only four stops from Victoria Station via Tube making commutes to work incredibly short.  By bus residents can travel to all of South London easily.  Brixton is also located near other London neighborhoods with equally as interesting cultures making spending a day wandering around just a short bus stop away.

Brixton may not be the best place to raise a family or the safest neighborhood to live in, but for American expats looking to truly experience the many wonderful cultures represented here, and looking to save quite a bit in monthly rent, choosing Brixton from all the London neighborhoods is a great idea.

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