Contemplating London flats in Camden is a good idea, especially if you are seeking out a destination with plenty going on. The city has transport links everywhere through the use of the London Underground, so when living in Camden, you can guarantee that it will be easy to visit other parts of the city as well. Learn a little about Camden before getting London flats here, to understand if this is the perfect location for you.

Camden Is A Popular Market Area

Camden is most well-known for the markets and this is a reason why most people seeking out London flats choose to relocate to this destination. There are seven street markets in total and all markets cater to different personalities. Various things can be bought here from groceries to clothes and accessories. What makes the markets so advantageous is that they are low in price, when compared to high street stores. Furthermore, Camden markets are a great place to meet new people when you first move to the city. As well as markets, you should choose London flats here for the assortment of bars, stalls and restaurants that line the streets.

Camden Is Perfect For The Youth Culture

It is advisable to buy flats in Camden if you are younger in age. The majority of people who reside here are in their youths, so while this is not very appealing to the older generation, it is the perfect way for students and others alike to socialize. If you are a university student then Camden offers plenty to do, with a wide range of apartments and flats to choose between. Many projects for young people takes place in this section of the city too, so you can guarantee that investing in London flats here will be a safe and enjoyable experience.

Many Events Take Place In Camden

If you are someone who wants to rent or purchase a flat in the heart of the action, then look no further. Camden is renowned for the many live events that take place here. Lots of comedy clubs and events happen here on a regular basis, as well as live music for the genres of metal, indie, punk and goth. Pubs and bars are situated on every street, so while it can be relatively loud to live in certain parts of Camden, there is no better place to socialize freely. The late Amy Winehouse was seen in Camden regularly and famous faces are known to play at live music venues frequently, making getting London flats here all the more appealing.

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