Locals if asked what tips they give Americans fresh to London on flats and where to living in the metropolitan area have the following advice:

Live Near Your Work

This advice is repeated time and time again making us believe there might be something to it.  Many green Americans believe that the Tube makes skipping between work and home easy.  While it definitely will get you to and from work quicker than a car it is not necessarily fast.  Many idealistic Americans have make the mistake of living a far cry from their office only to discover they spend upwards of two or three hours a day commuting.

Enjoy the Neighborhood

No matter which neighborhood you ultimately choose make sure to enjoy it fully.  As long as it is safe (and most are during the daylight hours at least) make a habit of wandering aimlessly.  This is the best possible way to find shops, coffee shops and restaurants that are local secrets.  Getting lost other London neighborhoods is also a great way to get to know the city further.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Spread across London is hundreds of free markets and museums.  Almost every one of the many neighborhoods offers farmers’ markets.  Both public and private museums are tucked away in neighborhoods and you’ll probably  be surprised to learn just how many are within walking distance of your flat!  Not only will you learn about this city and its history and culture by visiting such places, you’ll also save money.

Choosing the best neighborhood is not as hard as many would have Americans believe.  Once you have a budget arranged and know how much you can afford flats the neighborhood problem will resolve itself.  Rather than become depressed because you were unable to afford your dream neighborhood take the time to discover what your new neighborhood has to offer.  Take less time stressing over flats and where to live and invest the time in enjoying the city!

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