Those wishing to live in a quiet oasis within the glistening city of London should consider searching for Pimlico apartments. Pimlico is located in the City of Westminster and is filled with beautiful homes and tranquil parks, but lacking the hustle and bustle that you would expect from a big city.

The Thames River flows gently on Pimlico’s southern side and borders with Westminster on the east, Chelsea on the west, and Belgravia to the north. This hazy, lazy area blossoms with greenery, is quiet, and is therefore an attractive draw for business folks and executives looking for a retrieve from the hectic pace of other London areas.

Luxury Living at Affordable Prices

A large part of Pimlico’s appeal is that it’s like taking a step back in time when London was still a magical place that inspired such happy fantasies as Mary Poppins. Pimlico apartments also offer their tenants the same luxury as those living in Chelsea and Kensington, but without the high prices.

Although the prices of Pimlico apartments may deter most of those on a strict budget, there are still values to be found if you search well enough. The area has a large number of flats, some that are located in renovated Victorian homes. Our consultants can assist you with finding good deals on Pimlico apartments if this is where you want to relocate.

Activities in Pimlico

Keep in mind that Pimlico is a peaceful part of the city and, therefore, does not have the vibrant nightlife or bustling array of sites that are located in other areas. However, there are some fun things to do. Besides, if you want to leave Pimlico apartments to partake in more exciting activities, you can catch the Tube at Victoria Station or any number of buses running along Victoria.

If you’re looking for entertainment within Pimlico, try these options. The Apollo Victoria Theatre, Victoria Palace Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre all provide wonderful theatrical performances. Browse through Tate Gallery (one of the world’s leading art galleries) and SW1 Gallery to fill your desire for artistic beauty. Gaze upon the gorgeous architecture of such grand churches as St Gabriel’s Church, Westminster Cathedral, St Barnabas, and the Church of St Stephen with St John.

Best Restaurants in Pimlico

As with practically every area in the city, Pimlico offers some fine dining experiences. The most popular place to please your palate is About Thyme where European dishes are served and an eye-catching bar serves up cocktails, beer, and wines from around the world. Kazan is another restaurant with rave reviews. The atmosphere is stunningly romantic and a great place to take your love interest.

You will also enjoy visiting Goya for home-cooked delicacies and Uno which provides classical cuisine. Pimlico Tandoori offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods and Cyprus Mangai is the place to go for Cypriot and Turkish tastes.

Pimlico Nightlife

When it’s time to leave Pimlico apartments for a night on the town, you will find some satisfying spots nearby without having to travel. If you want to dance, Pacha is the place where Pimlico’s clubbers go dance to beats dropped by top European DJs.

If you’re just looking to have drinks with friends, a number of pubs and taverns are located in the area. Slip into such establishments as Albert Tavern, The Orange Public House & Hotel, Duke of Wellington, Morpeth Arms, and others.

Talk to our consultants for help with locating flats in the Pimlico area.

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