When searching for London apartments for rent consider looking just north of Regency Park to Primrose Hill.  This high end neighborhood is a picturesque village located strategically between the center of the city of London and the suburbs.  How it’s retained its prosperity over the centuries is a bit of a mystery yet it still reigns as one of London’s premier neighborhoods.  With many famous locals calling Primrose Hill home it is one of the trendier places to be.  For those not on a Hollywood starlet’s budget, a trip to Primrose Hill for great food and shopping, not to mention people watching, is worth the Tube ride.

Judith, Michael and Daughter

If you are trying to immerse yourself in all things local you absolutely must visit this delightful vintage shop.  Vintage shops often conjure images of tie-dye and bell bottoms but Judith, Michael and Daughter is not that shop.  Instead, shoppers have at their fingers relics from London’s finest days during the last century.  If you are an avid shopper with a mind to look more like a Londoner by finding eclectic accessories to complete an outfit a visit to Judith, Michael and Daughter is the place to go.

Primrose Hill Books

What weekend trip into the city would be complete without perusing books and sipping tea?  Primrose Hill Books is a unique locally owned bookstore offering both new and used books for patrons. After spending an hour or two (or three) sifting through their excellently curated collection drop by the neighboring coffee shop for a quick pick me up.

Sweet Pea

If you love things that sparkle a quick trip to Sweet Pea need be on the schedule.  This local jewelry store features handmade jewelry reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s.  Store owner and artist, Siobhan O’Neill, draws inspiration from nature as seen in her delicate jewelry featuring all the colors of the rainbow.  Designers around the globe have also noticed O’Neill and her pieces have graced many a cat walk in the fashion world.

If you can afford to live in Primrose Hill you will not be disappointed.  If the million pound homes are a bit out of reach for your budget you can still enjoy the lively streets filled with art and beauty with just a touch a quaint village-style friendliness.  One of the joys of living in London is experiencing all the nooks and crannies whether there are London apartments for rent in your budget or not.

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