It can be burdensome to find a flat in London with plenty of things going on. Although London offers residents a multitude of destinations, each with their own unique style, nothing comes close to Greenwich. Greenwich has a population of over 60,000 people and it is very well-known for its maritime history. The Palace of Placentia was constructed here in the 15thcentury and ever since this time; the town has become an increasingly popular resort for tourists and residents. Learn about some of the top attractions in Greenwich if you are thinking about investing to find a flat in London here.

Harlequin Gallery

Art enthusiasts who find a flat in London near Greenwich should organize a trip to the Harlequin Gallery. The Harlequin Gallery is situated on Greenwich High Road and offers visitors the chance to come up-close and personal with some outstanding pieces of pottery, both contemporary and classical. Exhibitions are available here on a frequent basis and for the month of March, a ceramics exhibition is open to anyone who wishes to take a trip here. Much stock resides here from various famous artists including Nic Collins and Frank Fidler. The Harlequin Gallery is relatively new and was opened in 1990. After you find a flat, you can also find some sculptures, prints and paintings here.

Greenwich Theatre

Based in south-east London, the Greenwich Theatre is a favourite for most people who find a flat. The year 1855 saw the Greenwich Theatre be constructed and it began as a music hall. Since this time, the theatre is home to variety acts and live performances. Relatively small in size, the theatre holds 421 people and by performing some minor research, you can find listings of the shows available here regularly. Some examples of shows on in 2012 include Stella, Our Country’s Good, The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, and the Greenwich Children’s Theatre Festival, which is ideal for families who find a flat with young ones.

Greenwich Heritage Centre

For those people who enjoy learning about history when they find a flat, the Greenwich Heritage Centre is the perfect choice. Ranging from times many years ago to the current era, visitors can discover exhibitions on people who have ventured to Greenwich in the past. An interesting fact about the Greenwich Heritage Centre is that many items from the Greenwich Museum can be found here, including jugs and pottery from the 17th century. Book your visit here when you find a flat to avoid queuing.

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