London is a big city with millions of people scrambling onto the tube every single day, so if you are seeking out apartments for rent, it is worthwhile to consider your options. No matter where you reside in the city, you can guarantee there will be easy access to other spots, due to the London Underground traveling system. The North boasts an excellent range of apartments for rent and a serene atmosphere to accompany it.


Hampstead is a good choice to locate apartments for rent and it is part of the Camden Borough, making it ideal for the younger generation. Hampstead can suit many tastes, with this destination being renowned for various associations, including liberal, literary and musical associations. If you are someone who wants to have a break from the city life at times, then you can breathe in the natural surroundings when you destine to Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is a parkland spot with spectacular panoramic views for miles. Bear in mind that apartments for rent in London near Hampstead can be relatively cost-effective but others can be quite steep, due to more millionaires residing here than anywhere else.


Archway is based in the Borough of Islington, displaying an assortment of apartments for rent in London, nestled into the many historical streets. Some sites of interest here include Whittington Park, Cardinals Way and Dartmouth Park. These are just some of the many green areas, which is surprising, because Archway is rather built-up in most spots. The Archway Tower can be found here, as well as the London Underground station for easy access to South, East and West London. When choosing apartments for rent here, you can expect to pay anything from £300 to £1000 a week, but budgets can be found if you hire a relocation agent.


Finally, Highgate, which is a top choice for apartments for rent. The village atmosphere entices people from all over the world to relocate here, for a peaceful, yet social experience. If you visit Hampstead Heath, there is a breathtaking view of Highgate from the beautiful parkland. Highgate can be quite an expensive place to live in, but this is due to its original character and diverse landmarks. One of these landmarks includes St Michael’s Church, which is very fitting for anyone transferring to the city with a religious background. This place is sat on top of a hill, which means that investing in apartments for rent in London will provide you with an astounding view to wake up to, every single day.

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