Many Americans moving to London will arrive to work with their relocation services agent to find that they gravitate toward the familiar, while still wanting to take in all that is new to them while living here.  Relocation agents end up showing Americans many apartments in the “Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea”.  Perhaps their enchanted  when they go down to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Thurloe Square area, or the lovely garden squares when exiting the tube station.  Whatever the appeal is in particular it’s hard not to find something that will appeal to you in South Kensington.  Certainly equally as affluent are the neighboring areas, Chelsea is a large draw for Americans moving to London.  Knightsbridge and Kensington proper are all extremely nice areas to settle in while living here.

Staying with South Kensington, no one should miss all the prestigious educational institutions and the museums are terrific too.  Here’s a run-down of just some of what South Kensington has to offer:

Schools and Universities:

  • Imperial College London
  • Royal College of Art
  • Royal College of Music
  • Lyce`e Francais Charles de Gaulle
  • French Institute (French Cinema)


  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum

Other Notables:

  • Baden-Powell House
  • Royal Geographical Society

If all this sounds right up your alley then you’ll be settled in with plenty of Americans, and your alley then you’ll be settled in with plenty of Americans, and your relocation agent can help you find the apartment for you in SW7 postcode. Tube stations are the South Kensington and Gloucester Road stations.  There are many book stores and cafés around the area and the French influence is seen on a number of them.

Other expat populations have chosen to settle in the South Kensington area from nations such as France, Italy, Spain, and a Middle Eastern influence as well.  Though many sections of London are relocations and expatriates from other countries, it gives it an exotic yet friendly appeal.  Call or email us here to get a listing of apartments in the South Kensington area, your relocation agent is always willing to get you any information you need as an American moving to London.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS