Hello there, Weekend Warriors! Continuing with our British history lessons on Britain’s monarchs (if you’re relocating to London and wanting to learn more about it), today we meet the successor of King Charles II: James II.

Like his brother Charles, James II was exiled to France when Cromwell took over as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth in Britain. When Charles II returned to restore the monarchy, James likewise came back and was ultimately named Charles II’s heir to the throne. This had initially met with resistance given James II’s Catholic faith, but Charles II’s efforts in his later years to secure his brother’s position were not in vain: as James takes to the throne in 1685, he inherits a Tory-dominated Parliament and strong executive office. You might recall from my last Weekend Warrior Sunday post that King Charles II did indeed have sons; the reason his brother James is now king is because none of Charles’s sons were born to his wife. Ah, such technicalities…

As a result, early in King James II‘s reign, he faces resistance from one of his illegitimate nephews vying for the throne, the Duke of Monmouth. This Protestant rebellion is squashed after the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685, and Judge Jeffries presides over the “Bloody Assizes” in doling out punishment in the form of execution, torture, or slavery; the Duke of Monmouth himself is beheaded gruesomely. It’s only a matter of time, though, before King James II meets more resistance, and from within his government at that. His appointments of Catholics in high places is looked on with disfavor, and he loses his Tory support. Doh!

Join me next week to see how this King of England fares through the rest of his reign as opposition stacks against him. And as you wage your own battle against the London property market in implementing your international relocation to London, enlist the services of the London Relocation agency to make sure all runs in your favor.


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