Hiya, Sunday Weekend Warriors! Those of you moving to London could probably do with a little distraction from researching London apartments to rent, so how about learning some British history? Let us pick up where we left off, with the death of King Henry IV and the succession of his son, Henry V.

Even before Henry V becomes king in 1413, he’s a star. He’s fought battles since he was a teenager, and when he succeeds the throne in his mid-twenties, he is successful in suppressing rebellion by those still loyal to Richard II. He is also determined to assert his family’s claim on the French throne and win back their French lands. After waging war against the French and reigning victorious in battles that included the recapture of Normandy, Henry V compels France to sign his Treaty of Troyes in 1420, by which he is named heir to the French throne and accepted as a son-in-law for French King Charles VI.

Marrying the king’s daughter, Catherine, Henry V and his wife conceive their first child, who is born in 1421. Henry V, however, dies from an illness during another campaign in France in 1422; not only does he never get to meet his son, but had he lived at least another couple months, he would have been king of both England and France.

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