Good to see you again, my dear Weekend Warriors, as, together, we continue to indulge our curiosity of British history—hopefully it helps enrich your historical understanding of the country you’ll live in if you’re moving to London. Last week, we saw off Edward III as he departed this life, leaving the English throne to his grandson, Richard II.

Richard II is the son of Edward III’s eldest son Edward—the artist, I mean, royal formerly known as “The Black Prince” (sorry, couldn’t help but make the reference…). Edward the Black Prince was Edward III’s intended heir, but as he died even before his father, the crown is passed on down the line.

So what do we know about this Richard? Well, to start, he is only ten years old when he inherits the throne in 1377, so the kingdom is mainly under the rule of his uncle, John of Gaunt. Only four years later, however, Richard II is already brave enough to face the first crisis of his reign, the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381—the instigating rebel, Wat Tyler, is killed, along with the revolt itself.

Not all is smooth sailing for Richard II, however, as he continues to grow up and take more control of the government. He establishes favorites, choices deemed unwise by magnates like the Duke of Gloucester, who organizes the Lords Appellant in response. This group of five men try Richard’s close advisers for treason, outlawing them all and executing some 1388. Richard II is deflated by this turn of events, to say the least, and, thus subdued, works in compliance with the Lords for the next several years.

He’s not going to go down without a fight, though…what is brewing beneath his surface will rise to the occasion next week when you join me for another installment of Weekend Warrior Sunday. In the meantime, good luck with planning your relocation to London and let us know if we can help you search London apartments for rent!

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