Welcome to yet another lovely weekend of packing for your move to London!  Hopefully, the packing tips for moving house are proving helpful so far.  Last Saturday, I covered useful ways of labeling the outside of your boxes so you can make sense of the towers of cargo that will swallow your wee London flat once the movers have brought everything in.  Today, I’d like to offer another suggestion on how to pack what goes inside those boxes.

Certain items are going to require dismantling due to their size and/or fragility.  Light bulbs and shades should be removed from lamps, for example, and pieces of furniture that you may have had to assemble upon purchase may now need to be disassembled if parts can be unscrewed with ease (like a bar stool, floor lamp, bookshelf, or bed frame).  Breaking these pieces down to their smaller parts will not only make them easier to pack inside boxes (and thereby condensing the square-footage of your load, which matters for moving charges), it will protect them from damage.

With regard to the bits and pieces which may now be roaming loose, be sure to keep it all together.  This can apply to any type of related items—such as keeping bookends with books—yet is particularly key with parts of the same whole.  Pack items like light bulbs and shades in the same box as the lamp shade so you have everything you need for reassembly right there and don’t have to rummage box-to-box.  If you remove any screws, hooks, nuts, washers, nails, etc., gather them in a plastic baggie, and tape this baggie to the item they go with (e.g., picture frames, bookshelves)—do the same for any detached cords, keeping them with the respective appliance.  All else fails, at the very least keep all these little parts together with each other in the same small box and label it accordingly to you can find it right away.

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