Welcome to the weekend, everyone!  Hopefully you can give yourself a break after the busy week you surely had, but if you’re in the midst of moving to London, it’s inevitable that guilt will consume you if you do nothing about it.  Don’t freak out, it’s okay…that’s why I’ve been breaking the packing process down for you, bit by bit.  The point is to tackle small portions of it at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself with everything to do and no time to do it in.  Your everyday life and packing life can coexist, oh yes they can.

Now that you’ve hopefully gotten your packing supplies in order and have started to box up those non-everyday essentials, make sure that you’re keeping inventory on everything you’re packing and labeling those boxes accordingly.  Now, in my inventory list-related blog post, I suggested that this itemized list be your ticket out of writing all the contents in each box on the box.  Other sources may say otherwise, but I stand by my reasons for not listing contents on the box (as listed in that previous post), though what I would recommend as smart-indeed to write on the box is what room of your new London flat these goods will belong.  A simple “Kitchen,” “Master Bedroom,” etc. will do (along with, of course, the number of the box to coincide with the items in your inventory list).

Write these rooms and numbers on both the top and sides of the boxes, just in case anything is inadvertently covered with packing tape or the way boxes are stacked in your new London home obscure the top and any sides.  Most importantly, it’s all about finding a system that will work for you.  If you want to invent your own hieroglyphics that not even a master cryptologist could crack, go for it.  Just make sure that you remember what it means!

Other worthy stuff to write on the box?  If you’re feeling scribble-happy, it’s probably a good idea to channel that energy toward adding words like “Fragile” or “Open Me First” on the applicable cardboard containers.

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